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Reddocoin is a BEP20 utility token created to be an integral facilitator of transactions within the Reddocoin business ecosystem and to solve the greatest problems that businesses face in global E-commerce. We are developing a comprehensive, blockchain technology-based, decentralized all in one E-commerce platform with extended functionality and integrated artificial intelligence. Automatization, secure wallets and many more innovative solutions make it possible to illustrate to the community a new concept of online commerce.

Why Reddocoin is game changer!

The global dropshipping market size was valued at US$ 162.44 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach US$ 591.77 billion by 2027. Rising smartphone penetration, coupled with increasing consumer disposable income is contributing toward the growth of the E-commerce market, thereby driving the demand for dropshipping services.

As more people begin to shop online and the industry matures, the need for faster transactions, lower fees, and more accessibility increases.

Industry Problem Reddocoin Solution

High Start Up Cost → Law Startup cost

Slow Transactions with high fees → Blockchain based platform with fast transaction /low fees

Impossibility of Automatization → Innovative automate dropshipping solution

Inconstant Communication → Reddo chat tool with enhanced features

Lack of trust → Verified seller with reliable reviews

Low Quality Content → High profitable best-selling products

Fraudulent or Unauthorized Transactions → Transactions executed by smart contracts

Custom Relationship Management → Reddo CRM — Easy access to manage stats,Customers behavior and market info

Reddo Solution

Everybody struggles when it comes to find top winning products. It takes a lot of tiring research and the results are not always guaranteed.

Running an E-commerce business is full of unavoidable complexities and costly inefficiencies. Especially, when it comes to small and midsize business, the lack of resources make it extremely difficult to run a successful online store, scale profit and expand it on global market.

Reddo technology offers full automatization in dropshipping business. With an innovative combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence and software development technologies, Reddo fully automates the whole dropshipping process and manages e-commerce time-consuming duties, thus allows business to focus only on marketing and sales.

Reddo innovative thinking real time saving bot

After the retailer chooses niche, our innovative thinking real time saving bot scrapes the web and automatically detects high profitable best-selling products worldwide. (1) Filters products by growth rate, price and order volume, (2) collects all selected items in Reddo centralized system and (3) imports them to the matching categories on retailer’s online store. Dropshipper has an ability to choose the domestic suppliers for the fast shipping or choose the suppliers worldwide.

Our real time saving bot is more efficient then the group of personal searching assistants and category managers.

With Reddocoin innovative dropshipping service online stores are highly competitive on existing E-commerce market, as they have top brands and trendy winning products with lowest possible B2B price and fast shipping method worldwide.

Reddocoin Decentralized Application

The Gateway to Reddocoin Business Ecosystem

We are creating multifunctional innovative Reddocoin App. Not only will this App be the home for our purchasing portal, but it will also include a one-of-a-kind social community. No borders, no complicated payment procedures, no middlemen, but better communication and trust.

The Reddocoin platform allows the buying, selling, storing and safekeeping of Reddo token between users. For safekeeping and security for the users, Reddocoin App will include automated KYC/AML for all customers. Reddocoin App will be the pathway to all the services and products being integrated in the Reddo Token ecosystem.

Communication is an essential part in E-commerce. Reddo chat tool will help businesses to stay connected with their customers in Reddocoin App. Reddo Chat is a secure communication App that encrypts all messages and voice calls end-to-end, ensuring users to safely share their trade secrets or build new business strategies. We think only not on business but on Reddo stakeholders too, thus we provide all kinds of interactions with others, from free text messaging, to voice and video calling, to photo and file sharing.

· Borderless shopping

· Secure multy currency E-wallet

· Money transfer

· Loyalty program

· Simple exchanger

· Live chat

· and much more …

Reddocoin — Utility Token

Upon completion of the ICO phase, all of the contributors will get BEP20 exchangeable utility token for use on the Ethereum blockchain system. Reddocoin is created to be an integral facilitator of transactions within the Reddocoin ecosystem. Reddo token can be used to complete smart contracts, reward platform participants, and provide payments within Reddocoin application system.

Unlike many tokens that are only primarily used by customers, Reddo token presents use cases for both customers and business alike. We develop a successful model of open source technology that will serve to stimulate all market participants.

Token Economic Incentives

· Preferential fees when using the ecosystem platform’s services, with discounts up to 99% on some services

· Guaranteed rewards and bonuses for Reddocoin holders per each activity and transaction in Reddocoin Application

· Loyality benefits for lock-in or store a certain amount of Reddocoin

· Receive exclusive promotional offers

· Access to earn money through affiliates campaigns

· Reddocoin can be sent, spent, saved, or traded through the blockchain

ICO Details

Symbol: Reddo

Reddocoin inital price at Echanges: US$ 0.60

Total Supply: 350M

Soft cap: $5 M

Hard cap: $40 M

Token Sale (3 rounds): Starts 7 of September 2021

Accepted Currencies: ETH , BNB

Allocation of Token

1. Public Sale — 39%

2. Bounty — 12%

3. Team- 18 %

4. Presale — 10%

5. Company Reserve — 10%

6. Strategy partners — 8%

7. Marketing — 3%

Allocation of Funds

1. Marketing Promotion — 15%

2. Operations & management — 20%

3. Technological development & innovation 20 %

4. Business development — 20 %

5. Platform development — 25%

Key Assumptions and Findings of ROI

· Token lock-in and store police will assit to reduce the supply of Reddo tokens that should help to increase token value. As long as business is on track, Reddocoin hold longer are more likely to reach higher price

· Reddo Token usage effect within the Reddocoin ecosystem could add a multiplier effect to the token price

· Reddo is putting the best efforts to trade and list Reddocoin in major global exchanges, to promote the token circulation and allows more crypto customers to have access to the token

· The token will have limited supply, which will lead to fixing the supply while demand can increase due to market conditions that may or not lead to capital gains for token holders. Reddocoin max supply is 350 Million, No additional Reddo tokens will be created

· There will be a lock-up period of 12 months after ICO to distribute tokens to the Team

·Company reserve funds will only unlock upon reaching predefined milestones. In general, the company reserve tokens will primarily be used for for future headcount, strategic initiatives, and operational overhead.

Our Team

Team is comprised by 20 highly qualified specialists such as developers, programmers,project managers, designers, attorneys, economists and financiers. Many of them have extensive experience in blockchain, artificial inteligence, software development and have already helped successfully implemented innovative projects. We are familiar with E-commerce, understand the customers’ needs, and know about the industry’s tends and chalengies. Automatization, decentralization and globalizationby the use of cryptocurrency is our competitive advantages in the existing E-commerce market. Our innovative blockchain based solution will improve and significantly shape international online commerce.

For More information visit our web page : www.reddocoin.com

Or send us email at : info@reddocoin.com