Reddocoin Ambassador Program

  • Proposing monthly activities for Reddocoin to review
  • Educating the community about the project via contents, infographics, or any creative activities
  • Establishing and growing your community
  • Spreading awareness of Reddocoin on your channels
  • Translating documents and contents to your local language if required
  • Sending monthly reports to Reddocoin by the end of each month
  • Most active Telegram member: You will receive $1200 in Reddocoin tokens + % for a referral bonus, if you are in the Top 10 most active Telegram members within a month. To achieve this title, you need to be active on the Reddocoin Telegram channel, and also build other community channels about the project in your country.
  • There are different remuneration sizes to the different role in Reddo project (like Youtube influencing, Conduct promotional and tutorial Videos, Twitter posts on active crypto related groups etc.) . Payment will be in Reddocoin + Referral %.

Reddocoin Board



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